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Sunday May 5th, 2019 was Shindo Kan (2.0) first black belt exam. It was held at the Illinois Martial Arts Academy. I would like to thank Mr. Chuck Masny for the use of his dojo.

The candidates were Mr. Reggie Montgomery and Mr. Henrik Dall. The partners / ukes were Mr. Ed Fox and Mr. Steve Yeung. In addition because there would be so many takedowns Mr. Masny volunteered his services as an uke. As it turned out his services were used.

The exam consisted of a form (kata), the original 40 throws, matwork and general knowledge of judo, its processes and language. The exam lasted approximately 2 ½ hours.

Both candidates were very strong in the kata and the Go Kyo No Waza (original 40 throws). There were minor errors in the language of the chokes and arm locks, but nothing that would prevent promotion. The demonstrations of those techniques were correct and effective.

Due to an injury concerns randori/sparring had to be taken out. To assess their endurance and their resolve to finish strong, instead the judoka were required to go through all 40 techniques, again, without rest in between. Any stopping would be counted against them. Though their fatigue was obvious, both judoka made it through with proficiency and completion of the technique-especially as they got to the last 8-10 techniques.

A couple of more thank yous.  Dr. Scott Multack who sat on the board with me allowing me to watch the techniques, not just listening to the answers about the names etc of the techniques.

Also to Mr. Fox and Mr.Yeung. As much as the candidates need to know their techniques, your partners can make you look good-make or break your test. In addition they withstand an exorbitant amount of falling. And as I told them, nearing the end of the exam, it’s not the falling that gets you; it’s the getting back up.

Sadly due to our excitement and fatigue no pictures were taken. We’ll try to post them in the near future.

So once again congratulations to two new judo Sho Dans:

Mr. Henrik Dall

Mr. Reggie Montgomery

Standing L-R
Mr. Henrik Dall -promoted Sho Dan, Dr. Scott Multack-Sho Dan / Board Member, Sensei David Zorich, Mr. Reginald Montgomery-promoted Sho Dan 
Kneeling L-R
Ukes: Mr. Steve Yeung, Mr. Edward "Joe" Fox

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