03/17/2018 Shindo Kan Promotion

On 3/7/18 Denis Ikovic and Madhav Manesh took their exams for their next belts.

In the VERY early days of judo belts were white. When you got that good you were awarded your black. Kano Sensei instituted the different colors. These were originally white, yellow, orange, green, blue, blue, brown, black. The other stripes etc were brought in even later.

So when judoka are testing for those original solid colored belts, i make the exams a bit more difficult.

I always tell my judoka I want to see the throws needed for their exams as “perfect” as possible. However I also tell them they will make errors, they are not testing for their black belts. And I’ve seen many black belts make minor errors. But I believe this makes a judoka want to aim higher, not just get by.

Both judoka had excellent exams. They knew the curriculum they needed to know, and the few problems they had I could tell was due to nerves- I knew they knew the techniques form weekly practice


Denis Ikovic-Ro Kyu (yellow belt)

Madhav Manesh-Yon Kyu (orange belt)