It was a difficult weekend for the Zorich family. So while I posted regarding February 3rd being St. Blaise day, and my Dad’s Sensei penchant for giving promotions on that day, I neglected that Friday February 5th is his birthday So you could expect your promotion, if earned, on one of those days, among others.

I have posted on his birthday in the past about what kind of father he was. This will be different; what kind of athlete he was. I may have posted in the past he was a Golden Gloves boxer, weightlifter and of course judoka.

What I am going to “post” today I’m going to guess most people won’t believe. But I saw him do it twice. He usually did it at the dojo early in the morning so I most often wasn’t present. He kept it up for somewhere between 5- 8 or so years. I imagine he built up to it over quite a bit of time.

As an aside, when he tasked his judoka to do exercises past single digits it was always repetitive numbers. We ran laps in the dojo not for 30 minutes, but 33. 111 pushups, 222 whatevers.

As a result, as I said, for 5 years plus Dad did 3,333 squats without stopping, every day. Amazing .