More updates

As I have mentioned I fully intended to re-open Shindo Kan. but in the ensuing years (?) years I have had some reservations about our location.

The park district directed everting; room location, day’s times and even fees. It was always difficult to plan lessons as different workouts may take more room. Also not every parent/child has she same time free.

So we have given consideration to a new dojo location.

There’s an old story about an old time baseball player, Ted Williams. Fantastic hitter in a game where batting 300 (only 3 out of 10 hit at bats) can make you tons of money. Williams hit 400, a great hitter since his youth. When he retired an expansion team hired him-“We can a whole roster of 400 hitters.”

But he was a natural. When asked by players what they were doing wrong, he basically showed them, “Just do it like this.” That offered little help. You can’t teach natural.

So any move, eventually, may cause prices to rise.

However, in the future we will not only have most often 3 black belt instructors, but black belts with over 150 of judo experience. Though we may not be Olympians as noted in the above story many champion are natural and that is hard to teach. In addition I have promoted a few very fine assistant coaches.

Also note as judoka we have a very short lineage. Judo began in Japan in the late 1800’s. It continued through the wars at which time some of our serviceman brought judo to the states settling on the West coast. Many of those judoka emigrated to the Midwest. Our Sensei learned from them and he handed it down to me. So we are only 2 or 3 generations removed from original judo.

I believe this gives us the ability to teach extraordinary judo.

If we make the move I will try to keep fees as low as possible. In the meantime WE WILL, when we can, continue at the park district.