Original Shindo Kan Sensei Joe’s thoughts on judo

If you haven’t read the news, you probably wouldn’t “hear” it in the US, a great judo champion Toshihiko Koga passed away recently at a very young age.  After reading some of his biography two things came to mind Sensei Joe (my Dad) of the original Shindo Kan used to try to pound into us.Continue reading “Original Shindo Kan Sensei Joe’s thoughts on judo”


It was a difficult weekend for the Zorich family. So while I posted regarding February 3rd being St. Blaise day, and my Dad’s Sensei penchant for giving promotions on that day, I neglected that Friday February 5th is his birthday So you could expect your promotion, if earned, on one of those days, among others.Continue reading “MY DAD’S – SHINDO KAN’S SENSEI – SQUAT RECORD”