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David Zorich


Mr. David Zorich, Sensei Judo Lineage

The Shindo Kan School of Judo was established in the late 1950’s by Blaise “Joe” Zorich, Sensei. In essence “Joe” was 4th generation judo.

  • Judo began in Japan.
  • Many of the first judo martial artists who came to America settled and taught judo on the West Coast.
  • Some of those judo men, or their students came to teach in the Midwest.
  • Zorich Sensei learned his judo from those men. And I learned from him.
Shindo Kan School of Judo and Karate (1960s – 1980s)

One of the premier Kodokan Judo and Japanese karate dojos through the 60’s – 80’s.


  • Qualified for Junior Nationals.
  • Achieved Sho Dan [1st degree] at the age of 18, Yo Dan [4th degree] at 30.
  • Responsible for in dojo under black belt (kyu / mudansha rank) promotion curriculum.
  • Ensured student teachers adhered to proper teaching techniques.
  • Operated dojo with owner / Sensei until his retirement.
  • Continued actively teaching private and group lessons.
  • Conducted judo seminars at schools that primarily teach other martial arts.
  • Former Coach / Instructor at Barrington Judo.
  • Coached Gold and Bronze Medalists winners of Illinois State Judo Championships, Gold in Indiana Championships.
National Karate

Tae Kwon Do lineage: My Sensei: Master’s Cris Nelson and Chuck Masny Cris Nelson Sensei: Grand Master John Worley

  • Grand Master John Worley began his teaching career at Jhoon Rhee Institute. Instructor of the Year Jhoon Rhee Institute 1973.
  • In 1958 Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, introduced Korean Tae Kwon Do to America.


  • Began American karate/kickboxing career in 2000; achieved Sho Dan in 2002 and Ni Dan in 2004.
  • Assistant Instructor at all brown belt levels.
  • 4th place in form age division 18th Annual Bluegrass nationals.
  • Judge at semi-annual Chicago National Karate tournaments; center judge since Sho Dan.
  • Center or side judge at annual Diamond National Tournaments for under black belt divisions.
  • Board member for under black belt tests and semi-annual black belt tests since achieving Sho Dan.
  • Initiated and Head Instructor for youth black belt test preparation classes since 2002.
  • Initiated katana(sword) class and developed curriculum based on the techniques of the Eishin –Ryu school of Iaido.
  • Instructor Appreciation Award 2003, 2004, 2005. Outstanding Instructor 2005, 2006, and 2007.

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334 S. Salem Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60193

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