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Re-opening of Shindo Kan

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Over the course of the pandemic I have thought about ways re-opening could be accomplished.

First our location. At various times the park district scheduled times for their facility to be open along with procedures and restrictions. In that case we would have had to change our hours of operation. Secondly the guidelines for cleaning the workout area were costly and recommended cleaning solutions I could not get a hold of regardless which stores I had gone to.

Secondly the restrictions on masks and social distancing do not allow for the full practice of judo. For the amount of labor we’d have to put in to prep the dojo area, only to result in months of masked shadow uchikomi didn’t balance.

Finally, depending on how bad and what stage the pandemic was in buildings have been completely shut down , re-opened with restrictions only to be shut down again.

I did not feel this was a legitimate way, or the way I wanted to teach judo or to treat my students.

I felt the only recourse was to wait until the whole issue came under better control and we could have the freedom to practice the best way.

I miss all of you and I miss teaching. I love the concepts of judo, I always felt it was what I was meant to do.

Thank you all,

David Zorich Shindo Kan Judo, Sensei

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