Our Instructors

David Zorich

Owner and Head Instructor

Scott Multack

Reggie Montgomery

Sho Dan (1st degree Black Belt)

Mr. Montgomery was a student from the original Shindo Kan my father started. He began his judo career in the summer of 1969. He was awarded his ik kyu (1st degree brown) in 1972. Though at that time Shindo Kan did not give official assistant titles Reggie was instrumental in teaching new students techniques they needed for advancement. He left for school in 1972 but returned in 1976 through 1978 before his job prevented him from continued practice.

When I opened Shindo Kan II he returned to assist me in teaching seminars I contracted. When I had enough new advanced students close to promotion I began a class for black belt preparation. Mr. Montgomery joined the class, took the exam before the Shindo Kan board and passed.

He was certified as Sho Dan (1st degree black belt) by USA Judo on June 19th, 2019.

Henrik Dahl

Sho Dan (1st degree Black Belt)

Mr. Dall came to Shindo Kan after having a judo career in Denmark. He joined our school six years ago as a san kyu (green belt). At the time he was able to attend the two scheduled classes per week. He advanced to his ni kyu (blue belt) two years later in March of 2014 and to his ik kyu (brown belt) in March of 2016. In the interim he was also awarded an assistant instructor title.

His job has taken him away from regular weekly practices as he has had to work out of town. At one point he used the time away to practice at a dojo in the city he was working. When he would return home he would participate in the black belt preparation classes.

He took the exam before the Shindo Kan board and passed. He was certified as Sho Dan (1st degree black belt) by USA Judo on June 19th, 2019.

Edward (Joe) Fox

Assistant Instructor

Mr. Edward “Joe” Fox has practiced a number of different martial arts. His experiences began in 1993 with Kempo Jutsu. This art combines the arts of Chinese Kempo and Japanese Aiki Jutsu. He achieved the rank of Ik kyu-first degree brown belt- in the art.

With his interest in the arts piqued Joe tried a few of the other arts. In 2015 Joe joined Shindo Kan with his two sons.

Due to his extensive experience in the arts, Joe was awarded Assistant Instructor during the May 5, 2019 sho dan exam. His responsibilities have come to include:

  • Planning / Running the warm up segment of the workout.
  • Primarily runs the ne waza-ground techniques-during the workouts.
  • Keeps Shindo Kan and its judoka(students) up to date regarding local shiai (tournaments).
  • Outstanding uke(partner) for the sho dan / black belt candidates.

He has become an invaluable part of the Shindo Kan staff regardless of judo rank at this time.

School Information

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334 S. Salem Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60193

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Unfortunately at this time, the school is not offering lessons. We will update this site as the situation changes.

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