The first Shindo Kan dojo. Thats “Joe” standing in front. Very small. Had one one piece mat that was rolled up to take to exhibitions on the top of somesone’s car
Me attempting an Ippon Seoi Nage on my karate Sensei at his dojo
Our logo.
The dojo that was opened the longest and where I learned pretty much all I know.
Dad Shindo Kan founder (“Joe Zorich”) with 2 time All Japan Judo Champion Takahiko Ishikawa
Yes I know, bad picture. My ,- Shindo Kan 2.0 🙂 – first sho dan / black belt promotion.

Standing L-R: Mr. Henrik Dall promoted to Sho Dan, Dr. Scott Multack Sho Dan/Board Member, Sensei David Zorich, Mr. Reginald Montgomery promoted to Sho Dan
Kneeling L-R: Ukes Steve Yeung, Ed “Joe” Fox

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